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Project Partners and Training Delivery

Partnership is about collaborating to maximise potential
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Office 365
Your Cloud Solution

Training is key to your migration strategy.  Remember productivity and return to BAU is vitally important.

Partnership Potential offers a FREE complimentary 60 minutes session to demonstrate the power of SharePoint in the enterprise.


Most of the cloud sessions available are short 30 minutes online adhoc sessions booked in a block or scheduled half day sessions for the following courses:

Office 365 plans

K plan







£2.60 £4£6.5 £17



Why should you choose Partnership Potential?

We have learnt from the biggest in the FTSE100 list - time is money and FOCUS is everything

Pick a skillset like PIVOTS in Excel and we will deliver in 30 minutes

We listen to your needs. Pick one in SharePoint and another in PowerPoint and we will deliver in 60 minutes

Pick 3 and we will deliver in 90 minutes

We make training reflect the business needs and not the outline

How can Partnership Potential help
Partnership Potential is an Approved Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner capable of delivering Microsoft's Office 365 Cloud capability

We will become your Partner of Record and ensure that your deployment, training and support run smoothly and with little impact to your business.


Microsoft have introduced a Kiosk worker offer as part of the K Family in the new Office 365 subscription plans.

Complete the form below and a consultant will be intouch within 24 hours

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